Electrical Construction

Since 1975, MetroTek Electrical Services Company has provided medium voltage electrical installation, maintenance, repair and testing services of all sizes to the public and private sector. Our high-quality innovative solutions are designed to meet the intensive scheduling, labor and budget requirements needed for safe and successful deployment of critical electrical infrastructure projects. Our diversified and expertly trained workforce of electrical professionals and engineers enables us to serve the complex and high-priority needs of our commercial, industrial, municipal and utility clients.  

Electrical Maintenance

Our commercial and industrial clients depend on the performance of their behind-the-meter electrical systems. MetroTek excels at providing preventative maintenance programs and services to allow clients to reduce their energy costs, increase the lifespan of their critical power systems and ensure the safe continuous operation of their facilities.  

24/7 Emergency Services

When disaster strikes, a time-critical response is essential.  Our on-call emergency power and restoration teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We perform all forms of circuit, substation and distribution line restoration and rebuild services get your company back on-line quickly and safely.

Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

MetroTek provides electrical testing, inspection and validation services to ensure the continued safety, reliability and operation of our clients’ behind-the-meter energy delivery systems. Our expertly trained testing professionals utilize the latest tools and equipment to meet or exceed the specifications set by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA).