Electrical Construction

MetroTek provides small to large-scale electrical construction services to a broad range of commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility clients. Our quality solutions are designed to meet the intensive scheduling, labor, and budget requirements that critical projects require. Our expertly trained workforce of electrical professionals and engineers enables us to serve the complex and high-priority needs of our clients.

We strive to meet project needs efficiently and cost-effectively while remaining flexible to changing requirements. As a full service electrical contractor, our diverse and scalable workforce supports a wide range of specialized services that includes all facets of new electrical construction, maintenance, renovation, and repair. Contact us to find out how MetroTek can provide your next electrical project with management, design/build, engineering, and construction services.

  • Primary & Secondary Power Systems: Complete project management including budgeting, engineering, procurement, construction and integration, resulting in a turnkey installation of your high voltage power system.
  • Electrical Wiring: Overhead and underground transmission and distribution work including tower, pole, and line construction, line siting and staking, emergency repair, and live maintenance.
  • Substations: Design, construction, renovation, and upgrade of turnkey installations and pre-engineered substations to 365kV, including foundation work, equipment selection and procurement, and plant or line connections.
  • Transformers: Primary distribution transformer installations and services along with servicing of bushing, oil, insulation, and other components.
  • Building Control Systems: Generator, motor, equipment, and system protection, in addition to implementing relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and coordinated monitoring systems.
  • Power Quality Monitoring; Generating Systems: Power quality, load flow, grounding, fault, harmonic, and insulation studies and analysis to ensure safe, reliable, and optimal performance of your high voltage power system.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies: Power Quality, load flow, grounding, fault, harmonic, insulation testing, charging system testing, battery impedance testing and analysis for optimal performance of your high voltage power system(s).
  • Grounding & Surge Protection: Full testing and analysis of your grounding and surge protection requirements for new installations as well as installed systems to ensure the power quality, load flow for safe and reliable performance of your high voltage power system(s).