Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing MetroTek is a full-service medium voltage electrical contractor and testing company capable of engineering, installation, repair, maintenance and testing of all types of substations, transformers and switchgear including all underground and overhead electrical infrastructure up through 345kV. Electrical Testing Commissioning & Maintenance Testing Protective Relay Calibration, Testing & Programming Grounding & Bonding Testing … Read more

24/7 Emergency Response

24/7 Emergency Response When disaster strikes, a time-critical response is essential.  Our on-call emergency power and restoration teams are available are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We perform all forms of circuit, substation and distribution line restoration and rebuild services get your company back on-line quickly and safely. Our fleet is … Read more

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance MetroTek excels at providing preventative maintenance services to our commercial and industrial clients because their operations depend on the performance of the behind the meter electrical systems. A MetroTek maintenance program allows organizations to reduce energy costs, increase the lifespan of power systems and ensure the safe and continuous operation of their electrical … Read more

Electrical Construction

Electrical Construction MetroTek provides small to large-scale electrical construction services to a broad range of commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility clients. Our quality solutions are designed to meet the intensive scheduling, labor, and budget requirements that critical projects require. Our expertly trained workforce of electrical professionals and engineers enables us to serve the complex and … Read more