Electrical Testing

MetroTek provides electrical testing, inspection, and validation services to ensure the continued safety, reliability, and operation of industrial power systems. In addition to using expertly trained testing professionals and the latest tools and equipment, our services meet or exceed all specifications set by the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). MetroTek's extensive testing capabilities include power system analysis, electrical equipment inspection, SCADA system diagnostics, transformer oil analysis, grounding and resistivity testing, and service-aged cable and transmission system diagnostics.

Our testing services are a simple, cost-effective way to prevent unexpected downtime, ensure optimal power system performance, and identify problem areas before personal safety, system components, or business operations can be compromised. MetroTek can design a testing program for your electrical system that will allow you plan ahead for maintenance, upgrades, and repairs, helping you control costs and ensure smooth operation of your business. Stop worrying about your electrical infrastructure; contact us to learn more about how our testing services have benefited businesses in the past.

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  • Acceptance Testing
  • Predictive Maintenance Testing
  • Power Systems Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
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State-of-the-Art Electrical Testing

Services for High-Voltage Power Systems

  1. Acceptance Testing
    Testing of new electrical equipment to guarantee that the equipment performs to the manufacturer's specifications and that the equipment was not damaged during installation, or for benchmarking, insurance, or certification purposes.
  2. Predictive Maintenance Testing
    Electrical testing for all power system components including transformers, switchgear, grounding, instrumentation, networks, cables, and protective relays. Testing services include power factor, harmonic, insulation, transient voltage, ultrasonic, fault current, phase balance, ground fault, megger, volt-ohm, resistivity, and more.
  3. Power Systems Analysis
    Performance of power quality and reliability studies including load flow, harmonics, transient stability, faults, arc flash, and protective devices.
  4. Infrared Thermography
    Fast, in-service infrared testing to identify high resistance and fault prone areas, making it possible to minimize downtime and perform preventive maintenance as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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