Safety Program


Safety has always been one of MetroTek's top priorities, as we are committed to providing the safest possible job site in the industry. Personal injury, property damage, and adverse environmental impacts are not acceptable costs of doing business. That's why MetroTek employs a full time safety professional, conducts weekly safety meetings, and performs ongoing site safety inspections. MetroTek strictly adheres to safety standards and meets all OSHA, MSHA, ANSI, federal, state, and local safety regulations. We are proud of our safety record, as MetroTek's accident incidence rate is well below the industry average. We recognize that accident prevention is an integral part of our daily operation and not a separate program. Our project foremen stress safety daily, and employees are encouraged to raise safety concerns and suggest improvements to our safety program. MetroTek provides a detailed safety manual to all employees, in addition to critical incident management and environmental protection plans, all of which are available to our clients.

MetroTek's Safety Program

  • Weekly Safety Meetings
  • Project & Site Specific Safety Workshops
  • Comprehensive Safety Manual Available
  • General & Site Specific Critical Incident Management Plans
  • Online Safety, Incident, & Violation Reporting System
  • A Corporate Culture of Teamwork & Responsibility
  • Employment of a Safety Director