About MetroTek


MetroTek Electrical Services provides exceptional electrical solutions specializing in electrical construction, maintenance, and testing. MetroTek serves commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility clients, providing electrical construction, high voltage power systems, automation, instrumentation, telecommunications, and green energy services. Along with our electrical construction and maintenance division, MetroTek excels at delivering on-demand electrical testing and diagnostics as part of the company's unparalleled emergency response and repair service. Additionally, MetroTek's electrical engineering expertise and commitment to green energy projects drives the company to deliver superior sustainable energy solutions through the combined use of solar, smart grid, and energy efficiency technologies.

Competitive Advantage

  • Reputation

    MetroTek's years of consistent, reliable, and responsive service have allowed the company to grow almost entirely on word of mouth recommendations. The vast majority of MetroTek's new clients currently come from positive referrals and recommendations from existing clients.

  • On Demand Labor

    Affiliations with various International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) unions affords MetroTek the ability to hire expertly trained electricians on demand, allowing the company to remain agile and meet fluctuating work flow requirements.

  • Experienced Management and Supervisors

    MetroTek's management team has more than 200 years of combined experience in the electrical construction industry, with much of that experience in supervisory positions. The company benefits greatly in terms of productivity, focus, and quality as a result of the skill set and knowledge of the company's management.

  • Customer Service

    The strongest component of MetroTek's reputation has been the company's commitment to customer service. Through emergency responsiveness, immediate troubleshooting abilities, and on demand service and support, MetroTek has developed a flawless reputation within the region's industrial community.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    MetroTek cares strongly for its employees, and has consistently treated them with respect and rewarded them positively, creating a loyal, motivated workforce, and a culture of goodwill and cooperation. The alignment of MetroTek's values with those of the employees has allowed the company to provide customers with the highest quality labor, service, and support.

  • Exceptional Safety and Quality Programs

    MetroTek cares strongly for its employees which is why we take Safety very seriously. Safety meetings are held (and documented) prior to every project as well as on a weekly basis for long term projects, together with the latest in safety equipment keeps the MetroTek’s safety record among the highest in the electrical industry. With the cooperation of a motivated workforce and strong management support, MetroTek gives our customers the highest quality workmanship and the confidence to keep coming back.

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