Statue of Liberty

  • Project Overview

    MetroTek played a key role in getting the Statue of Liberty's torch relighted after it was snuffed out by Hurricane Sandy.

    MetroTek was chosen as a subcontractor for the important task of bringing light back to Lady Liberty's torch and the rest of the iconic national park.

    Another electrical contractor Turnpike Electric - reached out to us and asked if we could do some electrical testing on the Statue of Liberty. It was looked at as a wonderful opportunity.

    MetroTek left for New York Nov. 7 during the snow storm that followed Sandy's path along the eastern seaboard.

    Sandy devastated communities in the New York City area and New Jersey along the coast and the statue's lights were extinguished for the first time in decades. Getting the power returned to the Liberty Island landmark meant everything to residents of the region.

    Everybody wanted to see the statue lights back on as soon as possible. The torch helps guide planes flying into the JFK and Newark airports.

    Salt water that overflowed the island during record storm surge did a lot of damage to the statue's very sophisticated electrical system. The timing added urgency to the job.

    We felt we had to get our work done as soon as possible. Veterans Day was coming up and what better symbol of freedom than the Statue of Liberty.

    MetroTek performed acceptance testing on the statue's systems; assuring that the power system would be able to accept electricity from the utility without damage. We submitted our results to the Public Service Electric and Gas Co., the New Jersey utility that supplies power to the island.

    MetroTek electricians went into the base of the statue and repaired switch gear that was swamped by 4 feet of water, cleaning out the area before testing.

    We had to make sure when the power came through that nothing would blow up. We did a safe, but temporary fix. We might be asked to come back to do the permanent repairs.

    All MetroTek employees believed getting the statue lit again lifted the morale of everyone who lives and works in the metropolitan area. MetroTek employees spent two full days on Liberty Island working on the statue. The lights went on last Friday.